Check out [SBRAND]’s Range of Markets

Whether you’re into trading Forex, Shares, or Cryptos, [sBRAND] has got you covered. Take advantage of our tight spreads and flawless execution, with more than 300 instruments at your disposal with [SBRAND].

Our Introduction to The Range of Markets

Where do you find yourself the strongest? Is Forex with EURUSD? Cryptos with ETHUSD? Or is it Metals and Indices? Doesn’t matter as you’ll find it all with [BRAND].

You’ll gain access to over 300 trading instruments with [BRAND]. You’ll have access to CFDs on Forex, Metals, Stocks, Commodities, Energies, Cryptos, and Indicies. It’s a lot of options, we know, so if you’re unsure, why not try them all with your [BRAND] trading account!

There are a million trading opportunities happening all around you at any given moment, so take control of your account and start trading today!





Spot Metals



Forex Trading on [SBRAND]

Trade the Forex Markets with leverage up to 1:400 with [SBRAND]. Trading with majors, minors, or exotic pairs, you’ll be able to access it all with tight-spreads and a user-friendly trading platform.

Crypto Trading on [SBRAND]

If you enjoy volatile and fast-moving markets, then Cryptocurrencies is the asset class you want. You’ll gain access to 50+ Cryptocurrencies with [SBRAND], trading them 24/7/365!

Trade Indices on [SBRAND]

Whether you’re into the German Index (DAX40) or the American one (US30), you’ve got it all with your [SBRAND] account with leverage up to 1:400. Trade the most popular indices with [BRAND].

Commodities Trading on [SBRAND]

Trading Corn, Coffee, SoyBean, or any other commodity has never been easier with [SBRAND]. You don’t have to own them to trade, it’s as simple as clicking a button and you’ll be set to trade the world’s commodities with [BRAND].

Metal Trading on [SBRAND]

Whether you’re new to trading, or have been around for a while, you know that Metals have always been a “safe haven” in the world of trading. With [SBRAND] you’ll be able to trade all the Metals with some amazing leverage and outstanding spreads.

Energy Trading on [SBRAND]

Trading Energies has always been in the hands of the rich, but with [SBRAND] you’ll be able to trade all the world’s energies. Whether it’s USOil, UKOil, Natural Gas, or Coal [SBRAND] is there to help you along the way!

Stock Trading on [SBRAND]

All the stocks in the world are available on [SBRAND], whether you’re interested in trading Sony stock, Apple stock, or Microsoft stock, with [SBRAND] you’ll be able to do just that! Trade Stocks with [SBRAND] and benefit from no added commissions or fees!

Learn For Free!

[BRAND]’s aim isn’t just to provide traders with best trading conditions and tightest spread, but our higher mission is to nurture a pool of traders who are serious and excited about trading as we are, not only that, but make the best possible trading decisions based on knowledge and experience. You see, [BRAND]’s success is tied with your success. The more you are successful, the more we are successful! That’s why at [SBRAND] we aim to teach our clients how to become proper traders, supporting and guiding them along their journey. Join [SBRAND] and you’ll see yourself going from a beginner in the markets to an absolute pro!

Trading Forex, Cryptos, Stocks as well as any other market is volatile and your investment should be proportionate to your willingness to potentially lose that much money.