Complaints & Dispute Policy

Dispute Policy:


[SURL] is owned and operated by [COMPANY] and has the company registration number:[REG]. Our registered address is [ADDRESS]. If there were any dispute, the parties will endeavour in good faith to conclude a settlement to any claim between them arising out of or in relation to this Agreement. If the counterparts fail to agree upon terms of the settlement, either side may refer the dispute to confidential arbitration proceedings by a sole arbitrator under the ICC ADR Rules, whose decision shall be final and binding.


The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in English, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or another place agreed by the parties. Without digressing the above provisions, this clause explicitly sets exclusive jurisdiction to said arbitration process, and neither party shall be authorised to submit any contention to the courts of its domicile which rebuts the said arbitration process.


Complaints Policy:


As you are finishing your registration on [SBRAND], you will have to provide us with some specific identification information. You are the sole responsible party for the security of your account’s login and password with [SBRAND]. Thus, you are exclusively responsible for any damage caused by reason of any act or omission resulting in improper or illegal use of your account. You agree to yield precise and complete information about yourself during the registration process, and you also accept not to impersonate another person or entity, and not to hide your identity from [SBRAND] for any reason whatsoever.


If you’re registered as a commercial entity, you proclaim that you have the required authority to bind that entity to this Agreement. [SBRAND] cautiously treats the information you provide us with as stated by the disclosure of information provided during the registration process and privacy policy. Please note that at [SBRAND], it’s our top priority to maintain effective and transparent mechanisms for sensible prompt complaint handling whether it’s for an existing or a potential retail client. At [SBRAND], we keep a record of any complaints and the measures taken for complaint resolution. The motive behind this procedure is to ensure equitable and consistent dealing with client complaints whilst striving to offer the highest level of customer service.

Any complaints or appeal to dispute ought to be reported to [CEMAIL]

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